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Neurofeedback is considered a form of biofeedback training. The term biofeedback refers to treatment or training that involves allowing the individual to become consciously aware of body functions of which they are normally not aware. The individual is then taught how to control these functions.

Neurofeedback involves the placement of wire sensors on the individual's head to measure the electrical activity of the brain. Benefits of neurofeedback can often begin in as little as five sessions and the effects are long-lasting.

Most neurofeedback is not covered by insurance and is paid out of pocket. Fees are as follows:

$70.00 for the first training session
$40.00 for sessions that require the technician
$25.00 for open lab

(rates effective 2012 and are subject to change)

More information on how neurofeedback works:


Biofeedback is a form of training in which you use instruments to measure body functions that are not normally in your conscious awareness. Then you are taught how to teach yourself ways to change or control this physiology with goals of improved function.

At Chesapeake Neurology Associates, we have found that many of the disorders we treat (insomnia, migraines, chronic pain, anxiety and others) are directly influenced by the acute stress reaction. This stress reaction is mediated by the adrenaline response in the body. The biofeedback technique offers a direct insight into how your body responds to stress and how you can learn to control that response. Self-awareness and self-control usually results in dramatic improvements in these conditions.

Journey to Wild Divine is effective, convenient, and low-cost biofeedback tool we offer our patients. It teaches self-awareness of your body's stress response, and ways to control the response. It includes basic breathing techniques, relaxation exercises and introductory meditation. 

For biofeedback at home, Dr. Kerasidis recommends Wild Divine biofeedback software:

Wild Divine Project
We stock the Wild Divine in our office.
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