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Sleeping Giants

Disordered sleep is increasingly being recognized as a problem of epidemic proportions, affecting up to one third of American workers, with 17% of Americans describing their sleep disturbance as severe.

It is identified as a leading factor to increased risk of industrial and motor vehicle accidents resulting in injury, mortality and, at times, to major catastrophic disasters. In addition, fatigue related to disordered sleep contributes to poor productivity in the workplace, rendering the corporate and industrial entities employing affected individuals "Sleeping Giants" and resulting in estimated losses of $150 billion annually.

These sleep disorders include not only insomnia, but also shift work related sleep disturbance, jet lag, obstructive sleep apnea, restless legs, periodic limb movements, and narcolepsy, among many others. Once identified, interventions can quickly and effectively relieve sufferers of the fatigue related to sleep disorders and return the workplace to a safer and more productive environment.