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Patient Bill of Rights

As a patient at Chesapeake Neurology Associates, it is important to realize that you have both rights and responsibilities. You are entitled to:


  • be involved in decisions concerning your care
  • have your family members and/or others involved in decisions about your care
  • exclude your family members and/or others from participating in decisions about your care
  • discuss any treatment planned for you
  • give your informed consent or informed refusal for treatment
  • request a transfer of care (in accordance with Chesapeake Neurology Associates policy and/or the law)


  • be treated with respect and courtesy
  • receive safe, considerate, ethical and cost effective medical care
  • have your individual cultural, spiritual and psychological needs respected
  • have your privacy and personal dignity maintained
  • be free from all forms of abuse, neglect and harassment
  • expect that information regarding your care will be treated as confidential


  • receive treatment regardless of race, religion or any other discrimination prohibited by law
  • maintain reasonable continuity of care and be informed of available and realistic care options when acute rehabilitation is no longer appropriate
  • be informed about pain, pain relief measures, and have your pain evaluated and treated by concerned and committed staff
  • be free from the use of restraints unless clinically necessary


  • understand your diagnosis and treatment, as well as the possible outcomes, risks and benefits of your care, and be informed of any unanticipated outcomes
  • have information regarding your rehabilitation explained to your family members or other appropriate individuals when you are unable to participate in decisions about your care
  • access a foreign language or American Sign Language interpreter and/or adaptive equipment if needed
  • be advised of policies, procedures, rules and regulations which may affect your care
  • know the names and titles of your healthcare providers
  • see your medical records (in accordance with Chesapeake Neurology Associates policy and/or the law)
  • review your bill and have any questions or concerns adequately answered


  • have an advance directive (living will and/or durable power of attorney for health care decisions)
  • obtain information regarding an advance directive
  • have your advance directive (if you have one) included in your medical record

You may at any time contact the Maryland Board of Physicians Quality Assurance, 4201 Patterson Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21215 or call 410-764-4777  with any questions or concerns.