Our practice stands apart from the traditional model of modern behavioral healthcare by using a comprehensive and thorough examination process, followed by an expansive range of individualized treatments to serve our diverse community. At CNBH, we honor the fundamental relationship between neurology and psychology in our collective mission to maintain your healthy brain and mind. 

Lead by Tammera, along with her excellent team, Chesapeake Neuro-Behavioral Health, LLC strives to have a lasting positive impact on the community. Our goal is to provide services for the community we call home. The team at Chesapeake Neuro-Behavioral Health, LLC, will do its best to serve anyone to make sure you get the best treatment our practice has to offer. 

We are currently accepting new patients and can offer first evaluation appointments in no less than 1-2 weeks. If you are looking to join us as a new patient for a comprehensive evaluation by Dr. Schmalz, please call our office at 410-535-2500.