Concussion Prevention & Baseline Testing

There are many ways to help try to prevent concussions:

  • Promote sportsman-like conduct at all times
  • Awareness of the serious nature of concussions
  • Strict rules and guidelines requiring appropriate protective equipment
  • Ensure all protective head gear is fitted correctly
  • Prioritize concussion recovery over playing the game
  • Recognize a concussed athlete at the time of the incident
  • Enforcing rules related to concussion prevention
  • Respecting referree's judgement
  • Awareness of the appropriate care of a concussion including:
    • Monitoring recovery using a symptom checklist
    • Neurocognitive Testing
    • Balance Testing with the appropriate return to gameplay guidelines

Baseline Testing

Baseline testing is important in the management and identificaiton of a concussion, and is the current standard of care for athletes playing contact sports. This testing provides a base score of attention, reaction time, memory etc. Should an athlete suffer a concussion, they will be required to retake the test, allowing for a comparison to be made. Poor performance on this testing indicatings the athlete has not yet recovered from the injury.

Testing should occur under the supervision of a trained technician, and should take place in a quiet setting.